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It is a known fact that sisters kick butt. Think of Beyoncé and Solange, Venus and Serena, or even of The Flying Nun.

Hi – we’re Rosalie and Valérie, sisters and business partners. We have big ambitions, but we don’t have a big head. We founded La Grosse Business and we assembled a team as badass as the chorus from Sister Act.


Rosalie Champagne

Cofounder. Trailblazing little sister.

With her blog Les Bachelières, launched in 2009, Rosalie was a part of the first wave of influencers in Quebec. At just 23 years old, she gave a talk titled “Bloggers and Brands: Building Collaborations” at an Infopresse conference – after having convinced the organizers to address this “brand” new subject. Her track record in advertising includes stints in many major Montreal agencies, including Sid Lee, Marketel, and Bleublancrouge. When she moved to Australia in 2012, she had the foresight to join a burgeoning agency specializing in blogger representation. A few months later, the company was awarded the title of Emerging Agency of the Year. To make a long story short, Rosalie knows how to stay ahead of the curve. Speaking of, she was a fan of Céline Dion at least 15 years before the Québécoise diva became a renowned fashion icon on Instagram. That says it all. 

Baccalauréat en communication, rédaction et multimédia


Valérie Champagne

Cofounder. Inimitable big sister.

Formerly Director of Media Creativity at La Presse, Valérie has worked with the biggest Canadian advertisers and the most influential marketing agencies in the country.  At the head of a group full of fresh, young talent that she put together, she guided the development of hundreds of innovative multiplatform advertising concepts and strategies. She had already acquired a solid reputation as a research and marketing analyst, participating in the development of over 1,000 pitches for the daily newspaper in Montreal. A champion mathlete AND lauded talent-show winner thanks to her celebrity impressions, Valérie would have been called a “cool nerd” if the expression had been popular in the ‘90s. These days, anyway, everyone agrees that she’s a cool mom/creative entrepreneur/stats ace/brilliant innovator/retired impressionist

Baccalauréat en commerce
M Sc en gestion internationale
Entrepreneure-athlète, École d’entrepreneurship de Beauce


Marie-NoËl Hade

Project Director



Project Conceptor


Johanie Vigneault